Brokers, Agents & Admin

J.C. Calhoun > Managing Broker/AgentOffice: (345) 945-4411
A Caymanian citizen born in New York, JC arrived in Cayman in 1979 and began selling Real Estate for Mr. Jim Bodden in 1980. He formed the c.. read more.
Allen Bloomrosen > Grand Cayman AgentOffice: (345) 945-4411
A Caymanian citizen living in Cayman since 1981. Allen’s Real Estate career began in 1988 when he joined the firm. Quickly becoming one o.. read more.
Rick Burgos > Asst Manager/AgentOffice: (345) 945-4411
Cell: (345) 916-1756/(345) 947-1324
A Caymanian citizen born in Belize, Rick has lived in Cayman since 1968. After 25 years as a Banker he ventured into real estate in 1991, jo.. read more.
Quatro Hatch > Grand Cayman AgentOffice: (345) 945-4411
Cell: (345) 516-1337
A Caymanian citizen born in the USA, Quatro moved to Cayman in 1956 with his family who were pioneers in the local hotel business. Educated .. read more.
Tracy Moore > Grand Cayman AgentOffice: (345) 945-4411
Cell: (345) 516-7153
Originally from US Southwest and now a Caymanian citizen, Tracy has lived and worked in the Cayman Islands since the early 1980’s. Tracy i.. read more.
EJ Bodden > Grand Cayman AgentOffice: (345) 945-4411
Cell: (345) 525-3535
The E.J. Way: Meeting your needs, making it simple.”E J, a Caymanian citizen since 1980 originally from Knoxville TN, is a licensed agent .. read more.
Antony McMain > Grand Cayman AgentOffice: (345) 945-4411
Cell: (345) 926 0001
Having resided in Grand Cayman for over 25 years Antony has a wealth of knowledge about the Cayman Islands. His love of Cayman is infectious.. read more.
Lerna Philips > Grand Cayman AgentOffice: (345) 945-4411
Cell: (345) 925-5107
Lerna brings her expertise in accounting and banking coupled with her CIREBA training and knowledge of the local marketplace to assist her c.. read more.
Nancita Diaz Powery > Email:
Nancy was born in Cuba but has lived in the Cayman Islands for the past 19 years. She is fluent in both Spanish and English which is a great.. read more.
Jacqueline Ziemniak > Email:
As a former Attorney, Jacqueline brings extensive legal experience to Coldwell Banker and to the representation of her clients. She recognis.. read more.
Wes Dangerfield > Little Cayman AgentOffice: (345) 948-1083
Cell: (345) 516-1504
A Caymanian citizen, Wes was born in Canada and moved to Little Cayman in 1989. His background is the diving business and it was friendships.. read more.
Mark Knowlton > Cayman Brac AgentOffice: (345) 325-3601
Mark Knowlton is Coldwell Banker’s newest Sales Agent and is at the helm of our Cayman Brac office. Although new to Coldwell Banker, Mark.. read more.