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Welcome to Paradise

What's the benefit of investing in Real Estate in the Cayman Islands?

The answer is quite simple really. There is simply no other place like it in the Caribbean. As the fifth largest offshore financial centre in the world, the facts speak for themselves when it comes to stability, employment possibilities and a safe quality of life. The financial industry contributes to approx 67% of the GDP which makes for a wonderful mix of expatriates and Caymanians.

With a population of just over 60,000 people, Cayman is much like a welcoming small town where it's easy to make friends with a wide variety of things to do indoors and out.

Experience true island living - all the creature comforts you want - surrounded by lush vegetation and the dazzling waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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Cayman Islands Real Estate

Imagine your dream vacation to the Cayman Islands is no longer a dream. You can become one of the locals by buying houses or homes here. When you invest in a home in the Cayman Islands you are investing into paradise. This Caribbean island has a lot to offer its future residents from job opportunities to a low crime rate. In fact, the Caymans contribute around 67% of the GDP in the financial industry making it lucrative for home investors. If you’re wanting to invest in residential real estate or commercial real estate, Cayman Islands real estate has everything you need.

Grand Cayman Islands Real Estate Listings - Amazing Beaches, Houses & Properties

What makes this tropical island stand apart? From white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, it is no wonder why many tourists who vacation here want to become permanent residents. It has a variety of wildlife that you have the opportunity to interact with as you snorkel in the green-blue sea. Step into our crystal caves and explore as archeologist do. The crystals are captivating and you’ll be in awe about how the Earth we live on creates such treasure. If you don't like the outdoors, the Cayman Islands offers indoor activities such as art galleries and museums that are interesting. The Cayman Islands is a great place to live. You are never alone and can make plenty of friends regardless of the island you’re on.

Cayman Islands History

The island has a rich history and continues to make an impact on the Cayman Islands today. It was inhabited in the 17th century by settlers of many different backgrounds and occupations. Since then, the island has grown to about 64,420 residents. Because of this, it is Britain's second largest overseas territory. The capital, George Town, is located on Grand Cayman, the largest island within the Caymans. It may come as no surprise that George Town is the center of the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands as it continues to grow every year. The other two islands that make up the Caymans are Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Even though they may not be as large as Grand Cayman they are still worth looking into investing real estate in.

Investing in Grand Cayman Islands Real Estate Property

The Coldwell Banker Cayman Island Realty team is always here to help you make investment decisions in real estate. Our team will assist you in finding a special property here in the Cayman Islands. We want your potential home and investment to be a tropical sanctuary where you can come and escape. We’ve been helping investors like you for over 33 years who want custom and outstanding services. We promise to be efficient and treat your case with integrity as well as individuality. Our team caters to a diverse clientele. We all have different real estate experience that helps us work to support you.

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